The 2012 lineup was released earlier today and it is absolutely killer from top-to-bottom. So many personal favorites in here and FYF has done an admirable job of featuring big ticket indie acts wielding a reputation for great live performances like , (one of the best live bands on – behold the visual evidence below), , , and ..

Below the first few lines of heavy hitters there is a stacked mid-section of emerging artists , King Khan & The Shrines, GIVERS, A.A. Bondy, , Dam Funk, , and one of the best new artists of 2012: . Also, there’s , which is exciting for two reasons: (1) it is the product of and pretty much every project he touches turns to gold; and (2) you never quite know what to expect at an Atlas Sound show. Looks like a great way to spend Labor Day weekend, for more info on the fest, go here.

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