Indio Police Gear Up for Phish Drug Arrests

It appears that the Indio, CA police have been reading the reports from the Phish shows this summer and they’re deciding to get out ahead of the news cycle inevitably showing drug arrests following the festival. They’re warning people about smoking pot…in California, where’s it’s basically legal anyway, so I have to believe that the police force down there will be more busy with the nitrous mafia and not the fans bringing their own stashes of medical marijuana.

Check out this article anyway, featuring quotes from our friend and frequent commenter Sammy. You can be forewarned or you can just go about your business like normal.

Indio police are encouraging attendees at this weekend’s Phish Festival 8 to refrain from smoking marijuana to have a good time.

Police aren’t disclosing their methods but said they will be on the lookout for anyone caught doing drugs during the three-day event at the Empire Polo Club in Indio.