I’m Back, Kinda

Hey all,

I’ve finally arrived in Amsterdam after a culture-shock-and-a-half of a week in Paris. We had a blast there, and yet I’m entirely comfortable saying that I probably never need to go back. “Mona Lisa,” check. Arc de Triomphe, check. Paris catacombs, check.

We had a good time and all that jazz, and I’m in the ‘Dam gearing up for an American Music Festival in Amsterdam, otherwise known as Jamsterdam, or Jam in the ‘Dam as it’s officially called, or Amsterjam (the original)–whatever you call it, it’s going to be pure, unadulterated rockin’ and I can’t wait.

I should have a solid internet connection while I’m here, otherwise I’ll be posting minimal updates from internet cafes. But in the meantime, expect me to catch up with the rest of the live music world while I wait for my crew to wake up, drink espresso, and shower. We’ve already gotten lost fifty times and we’ve only been here a half day. Good stuff…