EDC Las Vegas 2020 Official Trailer Released

The official trailer for the next Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas — EDC Las Vegas 2020 — is now live and a get promo for what you could expect if you attend this massive EDM music festival. I actually just had a doctor’s appointment where the nurse talked about going and loving the hell out of this festival. And it looks incredible, hopefully I’ll make it someday.

How do we change the world? How do we live in peace with one another and spread a message of love? At EDC, we fulfill that goal through grand gestures and little deeds of kindness that connect us and unite our global dance community. We’re all humans, all breathing the same air, living alongside one another. Whether you’re a headbanger or a member of the trance fam, a rise-n-shine yogi or an up all night owl, an old-skool raver or a festival first-timer… All Are Welcome Here.

You’ll hear G-Jones, Valentino Khan, Dog Blood (which is Skrillex plus Boys Noize), Gentlemen’s Club & SampliFire, and Curbi all as part of the soundtrack on the trailer. All bangers.

Check it out below.

EDC Las Vegas 2020 Official Trailer