Del Rey Announces a New Show


Del Rey
, one very rad Chicago math-rock band, has announced a show at Schuba’s on June 17. The Building Press and ARKS are going to open the show. Doors open at 10:00 p.m. Tickets are $8. Buy your tickets here from

I didn’t get a chance to see their last show at the Empty Bottle, just a couple weeks ago I believe. I’m not going to miss the June show, and I hope to feature some of their music in my upcoming project. I think they’re an excellent band, and I have not seen them live enough. The first (and only) time I saw them was at a college party at ISU, and they were playing for the house in the kitchen. There was about four feet of space in which to view the band…

Here’s their show bill info from

a deft blend of electronic and analog components which propels the listener headlong into the uncharted regions of musical space where science and divine inspiration overlap


The last news they posted suggests that they’re hard at work in the studio and definitely hard at work in their personal life.

Mike and his wife Vanessa are expecting their first child
in July. Feel free to send name suggestions (it’s a boy) here.
We’re all very excited about this new addition to the DLRY
family and hope that the kid will be ready to hit the stage
on keyboards (toy piano) and percussion (rattle & xylophone)
by ’07 at the latest.

Congratulations, Mike. All those who can, check this band out and encourage them on their upcoming West Coast tour in August.