is headlining the first night of , and he’s currently on stage slaying the Polo in Indio a massive set of and psychedelic funk. He also just released his new Guava Island film.

Tune in below.

Here’s the from his slot below…

Summertime Magic
I. The Worst Guys
II. Worldstar
in Kauai
( smokes a joint a member of the audience)
(Improvisation with …)
Stand Tall (First half only; in audience)
Boogieman (“Me and Your Mama” intro and “Unnecessary” lyrics)
Have Some Love
Riot (Dedicated to Nipsey Hussle, his father, , and the audience)
(New song; Possibly “Warlords”)
Crazy ( ) (First half only)
Feels Like Summer
Human Sacrifice
This Is America (Walked offstage after, drank alcohol, and hugged )
V. 3005
IV. Sweatpants
(“Bonfire” intro)

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