Brian Brown is Retiring As Trey Anastasio’s Guitar Tech

Brian Brown has announced he’ll be retiring from manning Trey Anastasio‘s guitar rig in the live setting going forward. He’ll be passing the reigns over to guitar tech Michael Kaye. Trey’s Guitar Rig has the story…

After over 2 decades working for the Phish organization as guitar tech to Trey Anastasio, fan favorite Brian Brown will be retiring in 2018. Brown, 65, has worked as a tech in the industry for 40 years. He explained that the physical toll of the profession has contributed to his decision to retire

He’ll still be around for tweaks and adjustments, though. “I’ll always be of service to Trey in the future,” Brown tells Trey’s Guitar Rig, “just not the primary tech.”

In case you missed it, check out the JamBase article discussing the new Trey rig that was debuted on the New Year’s Eve run. We heard a lot of neat, new things coming out of those amps and this details a lot of what magic went into making those sounds happen.

News: Trey Tech Brian Brown to Retire in 2018 [Trey’s Guitar Rig]