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pitchforkmusicfestivalheader (Custom).jpgThe Pitchfork Music Festival has been formally confirmed and announced by the indie gods, and yet you already knew about the festival if you’re caught up on the full Live Music Blog lore.

I’m not actually sure if I’m going to make it to this festival, as the middle of July (10KLF) and the beginning of August (Lollapalooza) might already have my attention. However, I’m going make sure I keep up with this festival. I want to gain all the indie-cred that I can stomach.

2006 Pitchfork Music Festival
July 29-30, 2006
Union Square
Chicago, IL

Mission of Burma
Ted Leo/Pharmacists
Mountain Goats
The National
Jens Lekman
Hot Machines

Tickets go on sale this Monday.


First Acts Announced for 2006 Pitchfork Music Festival

Ryan Schreiber reports:
It just turned March, so to anyone who’s suffered through the torturous winter months, know this: The worst is over, and summer is nigh!! Sure, it may still seem like months away– and all right, fine, it is– but here at Pitchfork’s Chicago headquarters, where our lungs seize up and crystalize the second we step off the Blue Line, we know that those glorious, sweaty, sunny summer days are getting ready to gang up on us. And when they do, we’ll be ready to wrangle. Ladies and gents, we are proud to finally announce THE 2006 PITCHFORK MUSIC FESTIVAL!

Landing in Chicago’s Union Park this July 29-30, the Pitchfork Music Festival lineup is set to feature thirty-six of the finest artists in independent music on three separate stages. Promising all the hospitality– and economical ticket prices– that’ve become a staple of our events, we’ll be unloading one-day passes for a mere $20, while fans planning to attend both days can scoop up two-day passes at the absurdly affordable rate of $30. Honestly: 83¢ per band. You can’t download a single song for that price– let alone two whole days of them, performed for you live in the afternoon sun.

But aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves? Who are these 36 artists, exactly? Well, we can’t tell you everything just yet, but we are at liberty to reveal six for you now, with more to follow in the coming weeks. And if you think these look good, wait ’til you see the rest:

• Mission of Burma
• Ted Leo/Pharmacists
• Mountain Goats
• The National
• Jens Lekman
• Hot Machines

With pretty much every summer blockbuster festival gouging their attendees out of absolutely obscene sums of money, and only booking about five bands you really want to see anyway, we thought it would be nice to do the right thing: That is, to create a summer music festival that provides an overwhelmingly positive experience for both the fans and musicians– and to do it for less than the cost of an evening with Celtic Frost.

Of course, this is about more than just amazing music: Our pals at Chicago-based independent community radio station WLUW will be setting up their notoriously gargantuan record fair on the premises, and local clothiers DEPART-ment will roll out a massive craft and clothing fair.

So let’s step back and see if we’ve got this right: 36 of the absolute best artists in independent music. Playing over the course of two of the most beautiful summer days. In Chicago. On three stages. For $30. We know, it sounds crazy, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be worth it.

Tickets go on sale Monday– that’s right, this Monday. Check back then for exact details. Just don’t screw around and be all surprised if you miss out. You never stop regretting these things. Man, Hall & Oates at Mystic Lake Casino, 1994, WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Celebrations kick off just after noon on Friday, March 17th at Emo’s Annex with Pitchfork’s free SXSW day-party, co-presented by the Windish Agency. Featuring DJ sets from Rjd2, Ladytron, and Matthew Dear as Audion, plus performances from Art Brut, Love Is All, Jose Gonzalez, Spank Rock, Hot Chip, Death Vessel, and the Juan Maclean, the event officially jumpstarts Pitchfork Summer 2006 (really, why wait?), and is basically gonna rule. See y’all bitches in Austin.