Lollapalooza 2012 Webcast Schedule Announced

Couch Tour alert! The webcast schedule for has been released and will once again be broadcasting “live” (kinda) all weekend via the festival’s channel. We’ll get to see sets from Dr. Dog, tUnE-yArDs, The Shins, The Black Keys, Washed Out, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alabama Shakes, Toro Y Moi, At The Drive-In and more…


Friday, August 3rd
1:30 PM Yellow Ostrich
2:15 PM The Black Angels
2:15 PM Dr. Dog
3:30 PM Blind Pilot
4:00 PM Metric

6:00 PM Band of Skulls
6:15 PM The Shins
7:30 PM Dawes
8:30 PM The Black Keys

Saturday, August 4th
1:30 PM Los Jaivas
2:15 PM Alabama Shakes
3:00 PM Neon Indian
4:15 PM Delta Spirit
4:40 PM The Temper Trap
5:00 PM FUN.
5:15 PM tUnE-yArDs
6:00 PM The Weeknd
6:15 PM Washed Out
8:00 PM Red Hot Chili Peppers
8:45 PM Frank Ocean

Sunday, August 5th
1:30 PM Oberhofer
1:30 PM Bombay Bicycle Club
2:15 PM Trampled By Turtles
2:30 PM White Rabbits
3:00 PM The Walkmen
3:15 PM Gary Clark Jr.
4:15 PM J. Cole
5:00 PM Toro Y Moi
5:15 PM The Gaslight Anthem
6:00 PM At The Drive-In

7:15 PM Florence + the Machine


  1. Please consider adding Haley Reinhart to your Lolla Webcast
    schedule for Friday afternoon. Her
    performance is highly anticipated by many thousands of fans who cannot be there
    in person as she is set to perform songs never performed live before from her
    critically acclaimed debut CD “Listen Up”.

  2. She’s beautiful, she’s talented, she’s reportedly going to debut live performances of songs from her critically acclaimed, under exposed debut album, “Listen Up!”.
    Many of her fans have anticipated this event since it was announced of her participation. Many will make it to Lollapalooza just to see her (including myself), many, many, many more can’t……
    She’s also the FIRST American Idol finalist in 10 years to be included in this event, an accomplishment for a show that is #1 on TV and has many millions of loyal viewers.
    Please consider including Haley Reinhart in your streaming, she has a ton of potential, and many fans anticipating this watershed event in her career.

  3. I was sorely disappointed when I did not see Haley Reinhart included in your live webcast listing. Haley is an up and coming mega-talent who would greatly benefit from some added exposure. She is an amazing singer and I would have LOVED to see her performing Lolla live.

  4. Please add Haley Reinhart to the live webcast.Shes a talented new artist and it would be great to widen her fan base and give her quality exposure.Especially for her International fans.Thank you.

  5. Haley Reinhart NEEDS to be added this list. Her fans want to see her perform her new songs live and with her talent it’s a joke she isn’t on this! She needs the exposure to help her career. PLEASE add her.

  6. Disappointed to see that Haley Reinhart was not included in the webcast! I was really looking forward to watching her perform some new songs for the first time in front of a live audience! It’s a big deal. If any song becomes a hit (I’m thinking Oh My!), Lollapalooza will regret that they didn’t seize the opportunity to be the first to feature Haley performing it. It doesn’t really make sense to exclude Haley from the webcast, since she is more likely to find a favorable audience online than among diehard attendees, who I suspect are skeptical of anything “Idol.” That being said, I think they will be pleasantly surprised. ;)

  7. Please you have to add Haley Reinhart to your live stream. She’s absolutely amazing and a delight to her fans all over the world. This gorgeous, extremely talented rising super star will be your best performance and for those of us who live far away need to see her. She’s the only reason many of us will watch. So please be kind to us and yourselves and put this fabulous artist on for all to see. Trust me you will be so glad you did. The world will be watching. Thank you.

  8. One other thing…Haley Reinhart is a hometown girl–from Wheeling, right outside of Chicago. And she comes from a family of hard-working local musicians. She is not a Bieber or a Britney but an artist who co-wrote every song but one on her new CD, and is being compared to Adele and Amy Winehouse. Google the reviews for “Listen Up”. Lolla should support their hometown girl!

  9. Seriously, you scored Haley Reinhart for Lollapalooza and then you don’t take advantage of her international fanbase by broadcasting the performance? Whatever…pass the bowl around and come up with another bright idea…disappointed!

  10. I am not seing Haley Reinhart’s name here. Please add her to your live web cam. We are big fans of Haleys and live far away and can’t come live. I am so disappointed if she will not be shown on your live webcam. PLease please add Haley so we can see her. She has fans all over the world and you will break theirs hearts too as well as mine.

  11. So what we need to do to get in the webcast schedule @HaleyReinhart? Im not living in the States so I dont have any other way to watch her than throught that webcast on August 3th!! And I really REALLY want to see her.. so do something please! First American Idol on Lolla with such a great rock&roll, jazz, blussy style.. that wont happen any soon other than this time!.. And so true A LOT FANS “GLOBALLY” have been waiting to watch the Lolla performance of Haley reinhart for MONTHS! come on! Thanks!

  12. Very shocked to not see Haley Reinhart: she’s from Chicago, made the biggest waves in American Idol 2011 (most watched season right?), and has the best album of the year by far – I feel she needs a spot on the YouTube schedule – we would totally watch, thanks : )

  13. Please add Haley to your webcast line up !! She has the best voice I have heard in years. Her debut album is FABULOUS !! She deserves this, to help her career ! She will be a SUPERSTAR!!

  14. Whatever happened to supporting new artist. Come on, this girl, Haley Reinhart is a talented singer. Sounds like a cross between Amy Winehouse and Adele. Cool voice. Give these young new artist a chance. Add her to the webcast…….please.

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