Music Festival wrapped up their massive 2019 event a few weeks back, and we’re fairly certain we’ll be seeing this one back at the same spot over the same 2nd and 3rd weekend in April next year. But as of press time there are no official dates confirmed yet.

So…uh, save the dates, fans! April 10-12, 2020 and April 17-19, 2020 is probably when will probably return next year. 🔮

And Solange will probably be there given her cancellation at the last minute for 2019’s festival citing production issues.

Could Radiohead be ready to play some shows with new music by then? Maybe something extra curveball-like with Phish finally booked on the fabled Polo Field stages? Pete Buttigieg will probably even stop by and sit-in with Spoon or something.

Until that we know more, we’ll just keep making ridiculous predictions like the one above and hope that a few of them net out as true once the future approaches.

For anyone else just waiting for the official announcement and quick turnaround on pre-sales that you know will sell out in 0.3 seconds, you know what to do — start saving your money, kiddos.

And if you can’t make it, no doubt that YouTube will be broadcasting from the festival given the banner year they had in terms of live streaming numbers.