Fugazi is one of those “godfather” bands. Like, they’re the godfathers of indie rock or something. At least, that’s how I think of them (and maybe I shouldn’t). Always keeping ticket prices low, always playing the punk-rock venues no matter how big they got–they were always a band that other bands had to respect.

If you were anyone that liked any sort of punk / post-rock / math-rock, etc., there was no way that you could say, “Naw, I never got into Fugazi.” You had to like Fugazi.

That being said, I never really got into them to the point that many of my friends used to be. I’ve always been a large fan from the sidelines, I saw one show (Fugazi, Shellac and Blond Redhead, 98 maybe?), and I’ve seen their Instrument movie and I’ve always enjoyed their music.

I was hugely delighted to see that they’re one band that’s taking up to embracing their live shows, warts and all, as they have released 30 different “shows” (or sets as they only would do one set anyways) as CD releases for purchase for super cheap. Every band should do this really, and if it’s not “cost-effective” or worth it, it’s probably not a band that would ever be worth catching live anyways.

Anyways, I’m sure plenty of you other dudes that spent your high school days skateboarding and catching punk shows have plenty of Fugazi memories that you can reflect on…

(Live Series link via One Louder)