As we’re getting closer to the Spring season, I am trying to focus on getting back in better shape for soccer season. As a result, I’ve been piecing together some tracks from the archives, specifically creating mixes geared towards my workouts.

I know I’m not the only one who listens to a lot of live music for exercising purposes. I bet lots of you have those choice tracks that include just the right amount of live concert energy to push you a bit further, lift a little more weight, or go that much faster. That raw energy of the concert experience can really do wonders for a workout.

With that in mind, I bring you the first in a podcast series known as Hippie Workout Mix. I’ve subtitled Volume 1 “Triumphant Bisco,” as I’ve spliced together a bunch of seriously energizing tracks by the Disco Biscuits.

Although the name is tongue-in-cheek, the musical motivation from these cuts is definitely no joke. Enjoy…

Hippie Workout Mix, Volume 1 – “Triumphant Bisco”

7/24/03 – Jam >
10/29/99 – Mulberry’s > Helicopters
12/7/01 – Helicopters
12/29/01 – Shelby Rose > Crickets
3/8/02 – Morph Dusseldorf > Run Like Hell

Size: 45.3 MB | Total running time: 32:59

*all tracks available for download and streaming via the Live Music Archive

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2/20 Update: Hey folks, looks like our iTunes feed is not functioning properly. We’re working on a fix, but the download link is still working fine.