PHISH FRIDAY: ALF Guests on “Tweezabella” (12/6/97)

We’ve got a special video edition of Phish Friday for you today. Let’s take a break from the norm this Phish off-season and view one of the better fan-made edits I’ve seen. This video comes from YouTube user, IamHydrogeno2 and was uploaded yesterday. It features the soundboard mix of the just released @LivePhish 12/6/97’s “Tweezabella” synced to footage of our favorite alien-life-form from the late 80’s, ALF. Download that new release here via and read on to check out the hilariously edited video…

ALF lands the Mothership w/ Trey, Mike, Page and Jon

ALF jams Izabella w/ Phish 12/6/97 Auburn Hills

If you don’t know who ALF is…He was the star puppet from the NBC show of the same name from 1986 to 1990. The show was created by Paul Fusco. For you trivia buffs, it was also the very first television series to be presented in Dolby Surround sound. Thanks to @YEMblog for the tip!

Happy Friday!