Listen to These Mind-Blowing Isolated Vocal Tracks from Grateful Dead Classics

The Grateful Dead propelled themselves to their legendary status and level of success with many feats of creative and musical strength, but none more so than the extent that these boys could really sing when given the chance to. Some people obviously loved Jerry Garcia‘s voice the most, but Bob Weir had a wildly unique voice in the band as well. Everyone knows Pigpen could wail in the best way possible, and even Phil Lesh got his vocal contributions in early. Don’t even get us started on all the vocal contributions we’d need to list from their keyboard spot after Pigpen’s early passing (Keith fans? Bruce fans? Brent heads?!).

I’ve been down deep into a YouTube wormhole this weekend and stumbled upon some amazing isolated vocal tracks that are must-hear for any warm-blooded, heart-still-beating Deadhead. Especially for folks that like to singalong…

Hearing these isolated tracks just adds that much more depth and emotion to the original songs. And in a few spots you can just hear the depth of the studio they’re in and you can really hear how it was mixed in with the final track, and wow, it just gave me chills in a few spots easily. I hope more of these surface. Check out the list below…

“Sugar Magnolia” American Beauty


In order of their appearance in the song catalog, first up we’ve got two tracks off one of the albums that Deadheads frequently cite as their go-to for the “best” of Grateful Dead’s studio outputs and one that is strong in the vocals department: American Beauty. “Sugar Magnolia” makes it appearance as the third track after the Lesh sang “Box of Rain” and Jerry Garcia lead “Friend of the Devil”. Such a typical way for the Dead to trade duties live shows up in that 1-2-3 tracklist choice of the album, which is still something that made the Dead more unique than most. Giving each artist in the band a chance to shine was their hallmark.

Bob Weir is really in great form on this track.

Sweet blossom come on under the willow
We can have high times if you’ll abide
We can discover the wonders of nature
Rolling in the rushes down by the riverside

Definitely put on your headphones while you’re listening to these.