Weekly Roundup

As you probably noticed, most of us took a nice little break this weekend away from our computers. Most of us, that is, except for Sam, who put together his review of the My Morning Jacket show on Friday night at Radio City Music Hall. I got a text or two from him while he was there, and then subsequently not there but high on after-show adrenaline; the conversation looked exactly like this:

“Oof fucking awesome”
“How was it dude? Setlist? How long did they play?”
“2:45. They played all mmj. 26 songs. Twas awesome. Writing up as we speak”
“Oh wow! Man, I should fly out for NYE. ;)”
“Honestly.. They are just amazing. They can kill at any venue”

I think it’s safe to say he had a fun time. I’ll be checking the show out today as it’s already up on the Archive, and Sam’s review is coming up next. In the meantime, check back through the stuff we posted last week in case you missed anything.

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