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Umphrey's McGee @ The Fillmore, SF

Umphrey’s McGee @ The Fillmore, SF

I got to spend some time out in California this week, something so unbelievably nice if you assess the fact that Chicago had brutal weather this week. Tons of snow, lots of melting and re-freezing, and just all around winter nastiness — I really forget how much this affects me. Maybe I need a new coat or something.

I made the best of it while out there by hitting a few skateparks and venturing up to the city to see an Umphrey’s McGee show at The Fillmore, a truly magical place. I returned to a killer show last night with Holy Fuck at Schubas, so all is not lost on such extreme winter conditions. I think they’re just magnified with my newfound desire to move myself out to California. I’m starting to realize that LMB might need some West Coast representation, and who better than to get that started than moving myself out there?


Cool, I’m glad you all agree with me. I’m sure you’ll hear more on that from me in the weeks to come.

Here’s a roundup of the stuff we had posted this week and there’s plenty more coming, including the triumphant return of the LMB podcast, a couple show reviews I’ve been procrastinating on, and other random stuff that you might be interested in reading while you’re procrastinating at work.

  • Grammys ’08 Open Thread
    Kanye West “Stronger” (with Daft Punk) [YouTube] Amy Winehouse – Know Good / Rehab [YouTube] The 2008 Grammys wrapped-up last night with a couple standout performances, including Kanye West’s Daft Punk mashup, the Foo Fighters token orchestral rock performance,…
  • Radiohead Announces U.S. Tour Dates | Gives Us the First Leg
    About a month ago, Radiohead teased us with a list of North American cities the band was planning to hit on its next tour. Well, just over a month later, they’re finally feeding the fan frenzy by confirming a nice chunk of those dates.
  • The Union Forever: The Battle for Ireland
    ONCE: Falling Slowly – A Live Performance I recently viewed two types of music-orientated films that were typical of the current approach to the music-film continuum, yet they both attempted to progress beyond the normal boundaries of current…
  • Drymount! | The Debate
    I had the chance to visit the University of Maryland last week for the opening of Sweet: The Graphic Beauty of the Contemporary Rock Poster, and let me tell you, if there is anyway you can make it out…
  • Rothbury Fest | New Green Festival With a Big Lineup
    And we’ve got another one folks…a brand new festival in our midst. Taking one more step towards the ‘greening’ of the festival scene, Madison House has teamed with AEG Live to create a brand-new, environmentally sustainable music festival in the woods of western Michigan. What appears to be a Northern version of the Echo Project, the Rothbury Fest has stacked up one heck of a lineup for its first incarnation over the July 4th holiday weekend (July 3 – 6, 2008).
  • The Police Announce Final Tour Dates
    Billboard reported last night that The Police were going to be announcing their final tour dates ever, finishing off their tour in 2008 with another run through the States with a brief stint in Europe thrown in the middle…
  • AmpLive – Rainyday Remixes
    As with most of the music community, we here at LMB are anxiously waiting for the remainder of Radiohead’s tour to be scheduled. Our own Whitperson showed that there are still a number of wonderful US cities that are still…
  • Wilco Residency Begins Tonight | Who’s Going?
    I’ve been a little silent on the blog this week because I’ve been out in California for work. I’m having a lot of fun out here with my skateboard and the 60 degree weather, so I’ve had minimal time in…
  • Phish Friday | My Mountain View Coincidence
    For today’s Phish Friday, my inspiration is coming strictly from the geographical area I’ve been working in for the past week — Mountain View, CA. I still consider myself hugely fortunate to be a part of the Google acquisition…
  • Umphrey’s and Posters at The Fillmore
    I was one geeked-out music fan last night as I attended the first night of a three-night Umphrey’s McGee run at The Fillmore in San Francisco. For those that have never been there, the walls upstairs are lined with…

Enjoy your holiday today and honor your Presidents (yeah right!)…

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