Weekend Links

Download the Drive-By Truckers: A to Z at Berkeley Place.
Nice roundup.

Jack White disses me.
Interesting blog post by Jack White…

MoreButter.net is a Hot Buttered Rum String Band fan site, complete with a high-powered relational database that contains setlists, shows, songs, everything.

Who’s Driving the Bus? stops by Belle & Sebastian at the Nokia Theater the other night. View all of danfun’s photos here.

Damm you, Aquarium Drunkard! You’re a better music blog than me. You have Beach Boys rehearsal demos from 1967 and the Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos, and I have Natalie Portman.
“Whoa, take it easy, Live Music Blog…”

Download My Morning Jacket’s Bonnaroo 2004 performance.

Download some live Johnny Cash (with June Carter Cash) from 1996.


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