WATCH: What Phish Sounds Like to People That Like Phish

If you have some people in your life that have never been to a Phish show, I’m sure you know how hard it is to explain why you keep going to see them. It can be hard for diehard fans to describe what it’s actually like to experience the show and get those emotional feelings. Every Phish fan has that moment where everything at the show seems to click. They play the song you needed to hear. They play it beautifully. Everyone knows that they’re the best band in the world once that happens. You decide then and there that you’re going to see every single show you can just on the crazy off chance that something so beautiful like that can happen again.

But what about the people that haven’t seen it or felt it… what about them?

Perhaps they’re on the fence and you just haven’t given them that last nudge that it’s something they need to experience for themselves. Maybe now you can just show them the video of the MSG Hood Peak Meme Guy™ and they’ll realize that perhaps it’s something they need to incorporate into their lives…

Then again, it could just scare them away if watching this has the same effect as watching those wild videos showing televangelists scaring demons out of people.

I guess it could go either way. ?

I kid, I kid. This dude is awesome. Video via @Inner_Chi on Twitter and it’s making the rounds.


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