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has had one of the most interesting musical progressions of any band I’ve ever “followed” as they were coming up, and there’s really no mistaking it when you listen back to through their catalog to out how they got from “Kids” to “Cool Song No. 2” off their new self-titled release which came out today. There’s a lot of sonic similarities in there, and similar instrumentation, but a completely different sound of a band experimenting is so much more present in the new album. I dig it so far and plan on giving it more than a few spins (I personally loved Congratulations even if that put me in the minority).

Along with the album release today, announced a tour taking them all over the country after they kick things off at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on November 10th and finishing off at ’s in on December 13th. They also released a video for “Cool Song No. 2” featuring Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire) prominently; check it out below.

- Cool Song No. 2 (Video)

MGMT North American

November 10 ,
November 12 , MO
November 13 Madison, WI
November 14 Columbus, OH
November 15 Indianapolis, IN
November 17 Des Moines, IA
November 18 St. Paul, MN
November 19 , IL
November 20 Detroit, MI
November 22 Louisville, KY
November 23 Memphis, TN
November 24 , GA
November 26 , DC
November 27 Charlotte, NC
November 29 Durham, NC
December 2 , PA
December 3 , PA
December 5 , MA
December 7 , ON
December 9 Montreal, QC
December 13 , NY

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