Video: Unofficial Phish Summer 2010 Video Compilation

You’ve likely already seen the whole lot of these if you follow our blog but this is still worth its own post. Some kind soul on YouTube named skriddler decided to splice together all of the professionally shot videos that released this year and it’s now one big three-hour video that easily demands your attention again on the next rainy or snowy day to grace your hood.

Phish LIVE Summer 2010 Compilation Concert – ProShot

I just got through the Cuyahoga “Backwards Down the Number Line” and it still gives me chills at the end. Here’s the full setlist:

-Summer Tour Promo
-Alumni Blues – Letter to Jimmy Page – Alumni Blues- 62510 Camden NJ
-46 Days – Tube – 80710 Berkeley CA
-Backwards Down the Number Line – 61210 Cuyahoga Falls OH
-Show of Life – 61910 Saratoga Springs NY
-Chalk Dust Torture – 62510 Camden NJ
-Wolfman’s Brother – 62610 Columbia MD
-Maze – 8510 Berkeley CA
-Gotta Jibboo – 70410 Alpharetta GA
-Jam – Piper – 80910 Telluride CO
-Saratoga Jam #2 – Swept Away – Steep – 62010 Saratoga Springs NY
-Simple – 8610 Berkeley CA
-You Enjoy Myself – 70210 Charlotte, NC