Trey Anastasio Warfield Malarkey

Well, I’m just rubbing the sleepy out of my eyes this morning after working on my .htaccess page for hours (if you don’t know what it is, good for you). Uhm, then I got an email (thanks Ethan) pointing me to this

Last night during Trey Anastasio’s show in San Francisco, things got a little ugly during the acoustic mini-set. Someone through a beer at Trey during Invisible, and he totally flipped out. Apparently, he went into a rant about how he’s been getting hit by things all summer, and again with the fact that this was a mutual decision between him and his former bandmates in Phish.

Whatever dumbass is going to shows to s*** on the guy onstage is no one that I’d ever want to be at a show with. You’re giving the scene a really bad name, dude. I don’t think any artist really deserves to get pegged with a beer, especially considering the amount that someone is paying for a ticket. I mean, don’t you have better ways to spend your money?

Trey proved resilient and answered accordingly by bringing out Billy Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart for a couple Grateful Dead classics, fully fitting considering the locale. I would think that’d be enough to get a lot of the crowd back into a positive place, and that’s a good thing. Read on for the full setlist.

From Trey’s On the Road…

12/2/05 Warfield Theatre

* 70 Volt Parade >
* Push On ‘Til The Day
* Night Speaks To A Woman
* Bitch (Rolling Stones)
* Sweet Dreams Melinda
* 46 Days
* Shine
* Dark & Down
* [email protected]
* Invisible**
* Loving [email protected]
* Iko Iko&^
* Going Down The Road Feeling Bad^&
* Eyes Of The World^&
* Casey Jones&
* Small Axe^
* Money, Love And Change&
* Come As Melody


* Drifting >
* First Tube


*prerecorded version played over the PA as the band walked on stage.
^with horns.
**with Jen and Christina on backing vocals
&with Bill Kreutzman and Mickey Hart on drums and percussion.