The Simpsons Are Doing a Burning Man Episode This Season

Straight from the Burning Man newsletter comes this amazing tidbit of news: on November 16th, The Simpsons will feature some plot line with Bart where he will be going to an event called “Blazing Guy.” Yes!


Turns out David Silverman, the director of The Simpsons, is a long-time burner and even announced this a while back.

Immediately I was reminded of the amazing episode where Homer eats the chili peppers and is sent off into the desert tripping pretty hard. “Let him go, Ralph… he knows what he’s doing.”

homer on chili!!!

Can’t wait to see this one.

UPDATE: has a few screengrabs from the upcoming episode. It looks amazing.





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  2. pivotal event… you need to relax. a pivotal event is the quelling of the ebola outbreak. you’re taking burning man way too seriously.

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