The Giddyup Roundup

Maybe I’m feeling slightly tired, but I’m feeling slightly freeform this evening. Not Rosie O’Donnell sort-of-blogger freeform. Just freeform.

There’s been some really great stuff posted the past couple days on Gov’t Mule is headed back across the pond for some more European dates in August. Actually, two weeks worth of dates at small clubs and festivals all across the continent is going to be great for any huge Mule fans.

Also, High Sierra Music Festival took place this weekend, and they’ve got a decent roundup and summary of how the festival went down. And it would have been sweet (sort of) if Russo was the next Disco Biscuits drummer. It ain’t going to happen, but anything with Joe Russo and the Disco Biscuits would have definitely been cool, right?

JamBase has updated their Big Summer Classic page with some early setlists and I’ve seen some amazing photos come out of it so far [to be posted shortly]. Check it out about halfway down the main page at JamBase.

MTV’s Live 8 coverage needs to be smacked around a bit. Ace Cowboy summed it up best, and I wholeheartedly agree. It’s the official position of the Live Music Blog that MTV blew the big one when covering what was one of the most prolific concert events of our generation’s lifetime, or whatever. And they blew it. You can quote us. Well, maybe Ace didn’t say all that. But, he should have.

By the way, thanks to everyone for sticking through the changes over the past year. The Live Music Blog has undergone a million changes, some of them good, and I’m glad to see people still visit every once in a while.