Texas is the Reason to Reunite for One-off NYC “Final” Show

“NYC punk legends TEXAS IS THE REASON are pleased to announce their plans to reunite for one night, November 25th, at New York’s famed Irving Plaza. The band, whom abruptly broke up in early 1997 while on tour in Bielefeld, Germany, decided it would be the best way to offer closure on the whole experience — on both a personal level and for their fans. ‘Texas Is The Reason did everything in broad strokes,’ explains guitarist Norman Brannon, ‘so breaking up when we did, quickly and silently, felt like an extension of that. The one thing we all agreed on, even back then, was that our last show should have been in New York City. We’ve had reunion offers in other states, but we turned them down. This show has been in the back of our minds for a long time.” [brooklynvegan]

This is a blast from the past for me. Everyone I hung out with high school was into this band — hell, I think they still are — so I listened to their album Do You Know Who You Are many many times…

Presale tickets are available between September 22-29 online only via itishappeningagain.com or texasisthereason.org.