PHOTOS / CONCERT RECAP: The Magpie Salute @ Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas 9.20.17

The Magpie Salute @ Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas 9.20.17 © Heath Clayton

This past Wednesday, The Magpie Salute pulled into Sin City for the first time since their inception and landed at the amazing Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas. Guitarists Rich Robinson and Mark Ford along with bassist Sven Pipien, and backup vocalist Charity White — (all former members of The Black Crowes) — brought their new mix of Black Crowes songs and weaved them in and out of new, original songs and great cover songs.

The band did not disappoint by opening up the show with three amazing Crowes songs, “Sting Me”, “Go Tell The Congregation”, and “Grow A Rose”, all led by lead vocalist John Hogg (formerly of Moke and Hookah Brown). John did these songs justice and led the band into band’s first original song, “Omission”. This new song, written by Rich Robinson, has great guitar riffs that are Rich’s strong point and soulful lyrics that were belted by Hogg.

The middle of the set was highlighted by the Crowes song “Wiser Time” which led it’s way in to an over the top “Oh Josephine”. Also, in the middle of the set is a new TMS staple, Pink Floyd’s “Fearless”. This song, has made it’s way into the band’s many setlists numerous times (along with having a spot on their only album), and it shows that this band isn’t just “in your face” Rock n Roll.

The end of the set brought Mark Ford to the spotlight with a great rendition of the Black Crowes, “Gone”. It was great to see Mark and Rich going back and forth with the solos, and the background vocals of Charity White, Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen were pitch perfect. Following Gone, Rich Robinson announced that there would be no encore and they just had a couple of more tunes to play. It left the audience a bit confused, but never the less they ripped into a duo of: “Sometimes Salvation” and “My Morning Song”. Rich with his classic sound and tone, and Mark with his guitar finesse, ended the show on a perfect note.

Check out my gallery from the show below….

The Magpie Salute:
Rich Robinson – guitars & vocals
Marc Ford – guitars & vocals
John Hogg – lead vocals & percussion
Sven Pipien – bass
Joe Magistro – drums
Chris Konte – keyboards
Nico Bereciartua – guitars
Charity White – backing vocals
Adrien Reju – backing vocals
Katrine Ottosen – backing vocals, harp, & melodica

Sting Me
Go Tell The Congregation
Grows A Rose
Idle Time
Ballad Of The Well Known Gun
I Don’t Know Why
Ballad In Urgency
Wiser Time
Oh Josephine
Devil’s In The Details
Gone Away
Laila Pt. 2
Better When You’re Not Along
Sometimes Salvation
My Morning Song