© Scott Harris / Capitol Theatre

Time is defined as “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and regarded as a whole,” and this past Saturday evening was quite the time to put it literally. returned, and what a damn good time it was!

“As long as time keeps ticking on, you’ll end up right where you belong. Only you can slow it down. Only you can turn it all around.” – “ Haalp” (MEGAGEM)

Eli, Rob, Chuck and Neal took stage at the prestigious Capitol Theater and came prepared to take us all for a ride. They brought them an incredible new energy after spending some time away (almost a year and a half), and us had waited a long time for this moment.

Based on the show I saw that night, I have that was just as jazzed as we were on what went down.

“Time is a word that we use all of the time. Time is all we have, so let’s have a good time.” – “Numbers Need Humans” (EMIT TIME)

Throughout the night, they touched in on most all of their albums, bringing on all of the fan (including “Mucho” which is mine).

I only can imagine how they were all feeling, because the look on their faces was just pure bliss – ear to ear smiles the ENTIRE night — and Luke Stratton on lights made them look fantastic up there to boot.

The energy coming from the stage and out into that room, along the fun setbreak viewing of Shrek 2, really conspired to create a magical experience.

Those who were there will talk about this for many many days to come.

For those that didn’t know, during the last year or so Luke has been up the stage for world tour. A highlight of the evening was when the guys surprised him by busting out with “Bullet with Butterfly ” during the second set. The room lit up literally and figuratively.

And really, I would like to believe that is back.

And the world IS a vampire. 🧛🏻‍♂️

“….but will it withstand the test of time?” – “Test of Time” (EMIT TIME)

I have absolutely Dopapod will withstand the test of time – after all, they have come this far! And as if they thought that that we didn’t notice that they were just added to in just a few short weeks from . Good Lord! Bring it!

Set I: Vol. 3 #86, Nuggy Jawson, Mucho, French Bowling, Braindead, My Elephant Vs. Your Elephant, Trapper Keeper

Set II: Numbers Need Humans, FABA, Onionhead, Bullet with Butterfly *, , Roid Rage, Haalp, Cloud World, Never Odd Or Even, Bubble Brain

Encore: Freight Train Filled With Dynamite