PHOTOS: Foster The People @ ACL Fest 2011 (DAY ONE)

Foster The People are a band that I’ve heard quite a bit about but I had no chance of seeing them live or really diving into their catalog before this year’s ACL Fest. Their set on the Google+ stage was nothing but triumphantly, eclectic indie rock and everyone in this band is way too good looking for their own good. They have a bright future ahead of them making girls swoon just like those dudes in Vampire Weekend have done; indie rock by cute affluent-looking white dudes. There’s always going to be a market for that at festivals like this, where the college girl talent is out in full force.

I shouldn’t mock and say that’s all Foster the People have going for them, but given that the screams from the audience were intensely female and the photo pit was swarmed, their buzz is loud right now and I need to give them a more solid listen to determine if I’m actually psyched on their music or not. But they are pretty cute, so enjoy the eye candy if you’ve never heard of these guys and feel free to dig into their catalog like I will be.

Read on for my photos from the set.