Phish No Longer Offers LivePhish Downloads With Ticket Purchases, Introduces Instant “Streams” Instead

It sorta felt like the collective of Phish fans on the internet lost their s*** a little bit today when it was finally determined that the band will not be offering up free downloads of LivePhish recordings of the shows that you bought tickets to, a very much appreciated part of being a Phish fan for the past few years. Before you’d have to pony up the money to pay extra or go out of your way (not really) to download the show via a torrent site, and a few years ago the band just worked in the download as an additional cost on the tickets and fans seemed to really love it. I know I did.

Well, that’s all gone in 2017.

2017 Phish ticket codes are redeemable to unlock a free stream of the show in the My Stash on your LivePhish mobile app – available for free from iTunes and Google. A subscription is not required to stream your redeemed or purchased shows.

The app can now scan your ticket barcode right from your phone to unlock the show in your Stash. You can start listening as soon as the show is posted which is usually before you are even out of the venue.

The band has really tried to build out their own cut at allowing fans to stream their music directly without needing to feed into the main arteries of streaming music these days, Spotify and Apple Music (sorry Tidal, I know you got the Jay Z but not much else, bruh!). So you can’t blame them for also wanting to control the normal flow of how many people can download the shows and spread it around for everyone else to share freely. I’m sure they were slammed on bandwidth and it wasn’t making money back in the right away, and if I were a smart band with a business sense, I’d probably try to build a workaround as well.

If you want to UPGRADE your code to Lossless or HD Downloads or CDs for a discounted price you must redeem your code on the website. Redeeming it on the website will still unlock the show in your Stash on the LivePhish app.

Free MP3 downloads are still available for any pre-2017 ticket codes. You can also scan them to redeem directly from your app.

It’s not like the downloads go away. It’s just that they’re not automatically giving out 30,000 downloads per show like before. I can’t say I fully disagree with that.

Tickets now read:

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