Phish Friday | Boogie On, Chula Vista!

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Following up one of my prior Phish Friday’s, I got a lot of requests for a particularly strong segment of the show that I had overlooked. It’s more that this was something my memory had overlooked, but thanks to some loyal fans, I was reminded that I need to revisit the Chula Vista ’99 show and possibly feature something else.

The “Boogie On…” at this show was hot hot hot. The jam gets nice and spacey until the band delivers on some fun start-stop jamming at the end. They almost feel like they’re going to lose the crowd, too — but they pull it out very nicely in the end. What a fantastic song to start a set.

People asked for it and we delivered (thanks once again to

Enjoy and have a killer Memorial Day weekend, everyone! If you’re at Sasquatch or Summer Camp, well, you’re probably a better live music fan that I am. I’m taking ‘er easy this weekend but I imagine there’ll be plenty of updates on the site if you’re chained to your computer like myself.

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