Nine Years Later: When Phish Announced Their Reunion and 3.0 Was Born

Nine years ago today, Phish announced officially that they would be reuniting and playing three shows at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia.

At the time, I’m not sure I had any sense of how many wonderful years we’d have with the band once they announced these shows. This is what I wrote at the time, likely on a lunch break while working at Google (whoops)…

The dates are booked and the hotels are already filling up for the weekend. Hell, the entire economy of Virginia is probably going to feel a boost from the band’s return. The entire nation of Phish fans are going to be trying to get into this show, myself included. I haven’t figured out where I’ll sleep but none of that matters. It’s time to surrender to the flow again. The band also made sure to mention that they plan to announce more dates during 2009 sometime early next year, so let the rumor mill start flying on what that could mean. Some people are saying that could mean a Bonnaroo appearance. That would be incredible.

In case you want all of the feels, check out the announcement video below…

What a waiting period we had until we finally heard this:


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