Woodstock 50 Postpones Ticket Sales, Still Awaiting Permit For Mass Gathering

Woodstock 50 was recently announced and has now generated a fair amount of headlines surrounding doubts that the actual event is going to officially happen, and today Pitchfork confirmed that the festival doesn’t even have the approved permit yet.

I’m not sure it fully helped that they chose the same spot as last year’s doomed Phish festival, Curveball, but hey, any event like this rolls the dice on whether or not weather will permit.

This is a whole different problem, though.

According to Tim O’Hearn, administrator of Schuyler County, Watkins Glen International filed a mass gathering permit application to DOH on Monday, April 15. “The health department is reviewing to determine if a conditional permit may be issued that would allow for ticket sales to commence.”

Remember that The Black Keys have pulled out, so it seems somewhat plausiable here that the smoke from that cancellation is going to turn into fire, or perhaps aptly the next American version of the Fyre Festival debacle but here on upstate New York soil.

We’ll follow this story as it develops…