widespread panic plays ryman night one inbeardwetrust1
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closed off their final show at the run in , Tennessee last night, and once again broadcast the show via free audio stream on their channel.

Scroll down below for the and any video highlights that pop up. Saturday night’s Billy Strings sit-in was a nice big surprise, for sure. For the final show, welcomed for a bunch of tunes to close out the second set.

Never Sunday Show!

@ , 8.25.19

Set I: Let’s Get The Show On The Road, Hope In A Hopeless World, This Part of Town, Lawyers Guns & Money, Life As A Tree, Pilgrims, Trouble, Steven’s Cat, Nobody’s Loss, Climb To Safety

Set II: Protein Drink / Sewing Machine, Somewhere In Time, Surprise Valley > > Surprise Valley, Many Rivers To Cross, Desperados Waiting For A Train*, Jesus Was A Capricorn*, The Waker*

Encore: C. Brown, Blight, End of the Show


* w/ on guitar and vocals
– ‘Let’s Get The Show On The Road’ LTP 6/24/18 (48 shows)
– ‘Somewhere In Time’ LTP 2/19/12 Aspen (394 shows); 2nd time played; tune
– ‘Many Rivers To Cross’ LTP 12/29/16 Nashville (97 shows)
– ‘Desperados Waiting For A Train’ First Time Played (Guy Clark orginal)
– ‘Jesus Was A Capricorn’ First Time Played ( original)
– ‘Life As A Tree’ believed to be a new original JB debuted during a talent show at his local country club August ’18 (watch video); Tonight is the first time played Panic
– Entire show Edie Jackson, ASL interpreter

via PanicStream.com.

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