WATCH: Skrillex + Warren Haynes + more chat about the Grateful Dead legacy on the music biz

We almost couldn’t believe it when we saw the news that Billboard was bringing together a cast of characters like Skrillex and Warren Haynes to talk about the Grateful Dead’s legacy on the musical business, but indeed, it actually happened. Jonathan Levine was the moderator for the Billboard Touring Conference keynote cast study “The Golden Road: Lessons Learned From the Dead” and they published a video highlighting some of the key takeaways.

In the video above you’ll see Rock Scully talk about the early departure that the Dead took away from their bluegrass roots, and how their sound design with studio monitoring and the Wall of Sound changed the game for band’s following behind them. Warren Haynes talked a bit about changing the setlist up and how certain music fans wanted that and didn’t want to see artists play-it-safe. And Skrillex closes it out by name-dropping Deadmau5 as the “most press-play” style DJ set possible obviously referencing the “We All Press Play” post and how they’ve cultivated their own scene of improvisation vs. playing-it-safe. #MINDBLOWN