We just caught some wind that , the somewhat dormant side project led by , is going to be playing some shows soon, and just (late 7/22) we got confirmation that a new single is out via . And truly, not only that, but a full album title and tracklist dropped on Amazon. Wow!

Due out on September 20, 2019, will be releasing Crossing Lines. There’s a full track-list up on , but we don’t know anything else really other than it’s being put out on Keyed Records (Page’s imprint).

The first single “ Delay” is available for , and the song is listed as written and produced by . The song kicks out of the gate like a “First Tube” and ends like a noise jam or something. Some very on this. Go Page!

The album is now up on Phish Dry Goods for pre-orders.

Per the tracklist (see below), I’m beyond excited to see that we’re going to see the return of “If I Told You” which was a b-side that appeared as a song on Party Time, an odd song but weirdly one of my favorite Page compositions. OMG. Very very excited about this.

Check it out below via . Page also sat down to chat about it, check that out here.

Vida Blue – Crossing Lines

Analog Delay
Checking Out
Where Did It Go
Real Underground Sound
If I Told You

You can also stream the first two Vida Blue albums now as well.

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