We just caught some wind that Vida Blue, the somewhat dormant Phish side project led by Page McConnell, is going to be playing some shows soon, and just now (late 7/22) we got confirmation that a new single is out via Spotify. And truly, not only that, but a full album title and tracklist dropped on Amazon. Wow!

Due out on September 20, 2019, Vida Blue will be releasing Crossing Lines. There’s a full track-list up on Amazon, but we don’t know anything else really other than it’s being put out on Keyed Records (Page’s imprint).

The first single “Analog Delay” is available for streaming now, and the song is listed as written and produced by Page McConnell. The song kicks out of the gate like a “First Tube” and ends like a Wilco noise jam or something. Some very LCD Soundsystem vibes on this. Go Page!

Vida Blue - "Analog Delay"

The album is now up on Phish Dry Goods for pre-orders.

Per the tracklist (see below), I’m beyond excited to see that we’re going to see the return of “If I Told You” which was a b-side that appeared as a Phish song on Party Time, an odd song but weirdly one of my favorite Page compositions. OMG. Very very excited about this.

Check it out below via Spotify. Page also sat down with Rolling Stone to chat about it, check that out here.

Vida Blue – Crossing Lines

Analog Delay
Checking Out
Where Did It Go
Real Underground Soul Sound
If I Told You

You can also stream the first two Vida Blue albums now as well.