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returned tonight for their first show in 15 years! They took their first show back, a sold-out show at 9:30 Club in , , as a good springboard to debut some new for the first time ever. And it was also a good to dip back into their previous catalog and maybe even some of the they played on their previous excursions. tl;dr it was a great show back!

Scroll down to see a bunch of clips as well as the of what went down.

Following news earlier this summer that had reunited, recorded a new called Crossing Lines, and added a new member () to call themselves a four-piece, three shows were put on the calendar and we heard scant details past that until Page and the Blues sat down Relix. But tonight, it was a fully rehearsed and backdrop-added show killer lights accenting the throughout the show. They definitely came to play.

Artwork matching the art for Crossing Lines adorned the stage, while a square set of lights accented top to bottom. Adam was stage right, then Russell, Oteil and then Page far stage left.

The show kicked off with the two strongest songs off of the debut Vida Blue self-titled , “Most Events Aren’t Planned” and “CJ3.” New songs off the Crossing Lines LP made an appearance as well, and the band really seemed to play about everything in its arsenal that wasn’t off The Illustrated Band LP. The two songs that had previously also made appearances with Page’s other project, , namely “Final Flight” and “If I Told You,” were actually both paired together to close the main set. Can’t wait to hear that segment.

While Page and his new trio of collaborators could have slacked a bit, the stage show had a killer light setup along with the usual Page stripped down aesthetics. I’d say it’s easily a show that’s worth the money you’d shell out. Really hope we get some West Coast dates, too. Check out the clip below for how the light show got when things got stretched out.

My friend at the show said the jam of “Sheep” was a moment where he truly lost himself a bit, a moment that we are not to skip musically if we don’t have time to consume any part of it (we’ll update the post when we get video of that).

Along with the , the band broke out ’s hit “Cars” in the encore slot to get everyone rocking before heading home. All in all it looked like a wildly confident first show back. Congrats to Page and his Blues. More shows !

Vida Blue @ 9:30 Club, , 9.18.19

Most Events Aren’t Planned, CJ3, Where Did It Go, Russ, Phaiden, Delay, Maybe, Where’s Popeyes, Dry Spell, Who’s Laughing , Weepa, Sheep^, Final Flight, If I Told You

Encore: Cars#, I Always Wanted It This Way, Electra Glide


^ – Pink Floyd cover
# – Gary Numan cover


Vida Blue @ 9:30 on 9/18/19


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