Happy Tuesday, folks!

For anyone that had problems commenting this morning, all of that nonsense should be fixed . Comment away…

Rogue Wave is now up on the Live Music Archive. [via Largehearted boy]

Want to write for the Ropadope MySpace blog?
They’re opening this up for guest-bloggers in the near , so this could be cool for anyone who’s interested…

Wanee 2006 Music Festival Info

All Good Music Festival, July 13-16, 2006
Nothing determined yet other than the fact that they’ll have drum circles. Uhm, they’ll have to do better than that to get me to buy early-bird. =]

Umphrey’s McGee Podcast #18

Bonnaroo 2006 announcement is coming tomorrow, so stay us for that one. The announcement is sure to make everyone go, “okay, I figured that it would be like that…” so let’s all act surprised tomorrow…

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