Trey Anastasio is gearing up for a show tonight at the Palace Theatre in Albany, show #4 with his new Ghosts of the Forest side project.

The Phish frontman sat with SiriusXM today and debuted two new songs from the project, “Halfway Home” and “A Life Behind The Dream,” and he gave some more insight into what’s in that thick red skull of his and how this project may be considered in the future. Specifically, why his setlists have all been the same…

It’s a concert with a narrative arc. There’s an underlying story within the sequence of songs, and within the lyrics of the songs. So, that probably makes it a little bit different from things that I’ve done before.

Also, should Phish fans expect some of this stuff to show during the summer tour?

This is finite. I’m so hugely grateful for the community of friends, family, and audience coming out and supporting us. This is what it is. I have five more shows of this and then I’ll be on Phish tour. It’ll be in the rearview mirror so fast. The last time I did something like this was when Higher Ground opened in Burlington, and my brother-in-law asked if i would play the opened weekend, to which i responded, ‘only if I can start an entirely new band’. That show i debuted ‘Sand’ and ‘First Tube’ and all these years later those songs are still being played. Probably one or two or some will make it.

Based on the playing on some of these tunes, plus Fishman behind the kit, I can’t imagine that we won’t see more than one or two. But that’s how a lot of the Phish side project songs tend to be, not everything makes it into the canon.

Trey also explained during the interview that the upcoming webcasts during the New York City run will be recorded as a concert film and live recording, which is meant to be captured truly live so that’s why they’re setting up shop and doing it twice at the same venue. For fans that have tickets to both nights, may want to free up one of those those nights.

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