frontman spoke with ’s Patrick Doyle about his life in social isolation, some more details surrounding ’s release of Sigma Oasis, and what the may hold for in our new . The interview is a must-read for immediately.

Some sections will certain jump out at you, namely how the band intends to proceed into the summer season. It ain’t looking hopeful that we’ll see the summer dates stay on the calendar. Doyle asks him to speculate on when they may plan, then says that experts aren’t predicting a return to and festivals until Fall 2021. Here was Trey’s response:

So where are we here? Let me look at the calendar. So it’s April. Spring 2020, so they’re saying fall 2021? Wow. That’s a year and a half. Listen, I think about it sometimes, and I think, what the hell do I know? But you know how 9/11 changed everything, and it was a different world? I’m guessing it will probably be something like that. Do you agree?

At least we know the band is still pushing forward as is there is good news on the horizon, including a mention that New Year’s Eve could still happen.

What about Phish’s New Year’s Eve show?
It’s that you say that, because that was one of the conversations. Right , we would be thinking about New Year’s. Do we still plan it? And our feeling is, . Hopefully someone will come up some kind of vaccine and we can tour, that would be my favorite outcome.

Check it out.

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