The estate of will be working to release and unearth some of the recordings in his vault that never may have seen the light of day, and today the team has put out a new, unreleased track called “For Real” which is due out on The Best of Everything on March 1st.

Throughout his storied career, Petty did everything authenticity-putting the and his first. It is this sentiment that Petty sings about in the poignant and autobiographical song “For Real.”

You can hear the track below.

– For Real (Audio Track)

Regarding the new release…

Petty’s family and band-mates rallied together once again to fulfill his dream. Rather than chronological order, the special cross-label collection was sequenced as a hard-hitting playlist giving the entire catalog equal prominence, including songs from his solo projects, songs world-class musicians The Heartbreakers, as well as essentials from the reformed

Can’t wait to check it out.

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