just took the stage for their EIGHTH NIGHT of The Baker’s Dozen run at Garden in . You can check out recaps from each night here:

Night #1 (Coconut 🌴)
Night #2 (Strawberry 🍓)
Night #3 (Red Velvet 🎂)
Night #4 (Jam Filled 🍇)
Night #5 (Powdered 🏙)
Night #6 (Double Chocolate 💩)
Night #7 (Cinnamon 🍩)
Night #8 (Jimmies 🌈)
Night #9 (Maple 🍁)
Night #10 (Holes 🕳)
Night #11 (Lemon 🍋)
Night #12 (Boston Cream 🍩)
Night #13 (Glazed 💕)

Stay tuned to the band’s Facebook page for a free clip of each set opener, or you can tune into LivePhish.com at any time during the run to drop some cash and watch the shows. And you can follow along here as you watch the webcast for s, posters, tweets, dank , etc.!


SET I: The Curtain With
SET II: Drowned > A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Harpua* > 2001 > Golgi us, In The Good Old Summer Time#
ENCORE: The Wind Cries Mary
* – Trey and Mike sat down at the front of the stage with newspapers, then started talking about how it was really interesting that dark energy exists and waves and science-y stuff. All four band members had a little script in front of them that lead to them saying that the energy exists in a form of a donut. “The universe is a donut”. Definitely a little narration, uniquely nerdy and -y.
# – acapella