Photo © Paesano Productions

The Disco Biscuits are making a triumphant return to the stage this weekend with their first ever City Bisco at the Mann Center in Philadelphia. The show is already in full force tonight and we’ll have some updates either later tonight or tomorrow morning, but ahead of that we’ve got the setlist from last night’s warmup that the band played in Baltimore…

Disco Biscuits @ Balitmore Soundstage, MD 10/4/12

Set 1: Triumph (1) > World Is Spinning, Caterpillar (2) > Mr. Don, Jamillia > Tempest > Kamaole Sands (3)
Set 2: Mindless Dribble > The Great Abyss > Catalyst, The Overture (2) > Pilin’ It High (2,4) > Svenghali (3), Chemical Warfare Brigade
Encore: Rainbow Song
(1) with “Vassillios” fake-out
(2) unfinished
(3) ending only
(4) Perfume version

Anyone hit the show? I’m curious how it sounded and the PT boards never have the right insight into the vibe.