It’s incredible to see how widely use the medium is becoming, and as a fan it’s awesome when a musician that’s been around forever uses the medium is new and creative ways. That’s exactly what guitarist and mastermind is doing coming up soon.

Ahead of an auction at Christie’s in coming up Thursday, June 20th, 2019, The Guitar Collection features a ton of Gilmour’s personal guitar collection going up for sale and he’ll be podcasting conversations BBC radio host Matt Everitt about the guitars.

Guitarist, singer and songwriter of , David Gilmour will be auctioning more than 120 of his guitars for charity in June 2019. Featuring a and exclusive interview David himself, each episode focuses on a different one of the remarkable instruments from this collection, looking at the that was recorded on them and detailing the musical history of one of the world’s most influential guitarists.

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Check out the trailer for the series below…

The David Gilmour Podcast (Trailer)

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