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wowed fans earlier this year with the announcement that one of their shows on Fall 2019 Tour wouldn’t be the normal ticketed affair that they were used to.

Instead the band is continuing on with their partnership hosting a radio station with and , and tonight the band is celebrating the partnership by offering up an exclusive show for 3,500 fans at The Met in Philadelphia and offering up a free audio stream of the show via the PhishRadio channel (online and in your cars).

We’ll have the setlist and notes on what went down filled in here as the show progresses, so hop in below at any time and tune into the official streams as they launch. Pre-show coverage begins at 6pm ET.

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Phish @ The Met Philadelphia PA 12.3.19

Set I: Hello My Baby, -> Free, The Moma Dance -> -> Blaze On, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Kill Devil Falls -> Tweezer > Ya Mar > Drift While You’re Sleeping

Set II: Chalk Dust Torture -> > Mike’s Song > Sparkle > Ass Handed > Weekapaug Groove > Miss You > Waves > Twist > A Day in the Life > Also Sprach Zarathustra > More

Encore: Waste > Tweezer Reprise


The band started the first set a capella with “Hello My Baby” before moving quickly into a killer launching pad “Tweezer.” The energy in the room started to shift into show mode and the band got comfortable and settled into the composed parts nicely, while allowing for a bit of a micro-jam at the end before transitioning directly into “Free” without Fishman or anyone else skipping a beat or bar. “The Moma Dance” came next and was a solid version, but the band found a way to get right back into “Tweezer” coming out of the crescendo of the song which bore fruit to another Tweezerfest of classic Phish-y lore.

A perfect transition into “Blaze On” by Fishman lead the set into an increasingly well-played place. Page got to shine on “Jesus Just Left Chicago” before Trey took back over for a solid “Kill Devil Falls” which once again transitioned back into a “Tweezer” jam. “Ya Mar” brought the band into a chilled out reggae vibe and the song “Drift While You’re Sleeping” came next to close the set.

For set two, the band opened with a stellar version of “Chalk Dust Torture” that stretched out into a nice Type I jam, just bubbling with energy, and it made way for a brief jam in the “Tweezer” style again before moving to “Mike’s Song.” Following a great version of that song, the band kept the energy rolling with a “Sparkle” that got people moving. The band then brought some raucous energy with a spirited “Ass Handed” featuring both Trey and Fishman letting loose for a minute, not even the full song, though, and then they dropped right into “Weekapaug Groove.”

The band revived the song, “Miss You,” next and closed with a passionate lead by Trey and brought out a solid “Waves” to keep the transitions going. “Twist” came out of the outset of the song and the band played classic, “A Day In the Life,” next. Closing the show with “Also Sprach Zarathustra > More” was both an incredible dance party (maybe the best “2001” in 3.0) and an emotional release.

For the encore, the band played “Waste” before closing with a rippin’ “Tweezer Reprise.” Incredible show front to back, great energy from the stage, and great energy from the small, intimate crowd means this one will be talked about for a while.


Phish “Chalkdust Torture” 12/3/2019 The Met Philadelphia