Introducing the 8-Bit Misfits, maybe my new favorite musical project ever created. They take popular songs from popular artists and turn them into video game ready jams worthy of any run through Bowser’s castle and beyond.

And guess what? They’ve done whole albums worth of songs from artists you definitely know and love, including some of our favorites here at LIVE like Phish, Grateful Dead, Radiohead, Prince and more. These dudes are cranking this out!

Holy crap!

And some of the selections are current enough, too, with the Phish release dropping in 2017 and including newer songs like “Blaze On” and “The Line.” And I can assure you, THIS is a version of “The Line” you’d want to hear — instrumental — and honestly kinda incredible.


Hear the whole album below via Spotify and YouTube or head over to Amazon to purchase.

Extra bonus! Check out the Grateful Dead one, too (embedded below)! LOL “Touch of Grey” is bonkers.

Head over to their website if you dare, because this is a deep-ass wormhole to travel down.