Phish just dropped one of my favorite jams from 2019 as one of their official YouTube video highlights from their shows, this time the “Down with Disease” from Dick’s 2019. It came deep in the second set of Night #2 and features an exploratory jam which started to get angular towards the end, featuring a Fishman beat that got choppy and almost breakbeat at times.

While I was watching from the stands, I caught wind of a bartender down on the floor that was absolutely loving her job at that moment and busting out dance moves left and right. I got a little clip of it, which was like, our most popular tweet ever.

Some fans would argue the run didn’t have a massive amount of moments to speak of, but this “Down with Disease” absolutely destroys. Watch the video here or below.

Phish - 8/31/2019 - Down With Disease (4K HDR)