It looks like a huge set of artists are going to be banding together under a new organization that will be established to advocate for artists’ rights in the digital age.

is reporting that the likes of , Matthews, and will join high-profile managers like Irving Azoff, and John Silva to fight for the rights that the artists need in the face of massive technology conglomeration.

, Matthews, , Anderson.Paak, , Shane Mcanally and , Wind & Fire’s Verdine White are among a group of artists banding together to form the (MAC), a new organization established to advocate for and protect artists’ rights.

They are joined by a number of high level managers — including Irving Azoff, and John Silva — on the board, which also includes industry executives and attorneys Jordan Bromley, Jim Cicconi, Kristen Foster, Susan Genco, Elliot Groffman and Ali Harnell.

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