Mike Gordon of Phish Will Likely Cameo in a Future Broad City Episode

© 📷 @alleybuesle

A fan spotted Mike Gordon of Phish with Ilana Glazer from Broad City this am, and this picture is officially breaking “the” internet (if you consider the intersection of Phish fans and Broad City fans to be unique enough to consider that as a fair extrapolation of the entire rest of the internet — which I do).

This picture above had me smashing a new key on my keyboard about as hard as anyone could ever press!

We know that the Broad City girls have loved the Phish boys for a while and Abbi hung with the band when they played Camden earlier this year. The band even shared this shot of the hang out sesh.

© Rene Heumer / Phish

For now we’ll just guess that this will be a fun cameo in a future episode of Broad City and hope we learn more about this photo soon. Fingers crossed that Gordo plays one of the girls’ love interest, then we’ll get more than just a fleeting glimpse of him on screen.