Merry Christmas! Justin Bieber just said he was “officially retiring”

justin bieber believe poster

For most of us reading this here blog, we just got an early Christmas present with the news that Justin Bieber just tweeted out. He said he is “officially retiring” from music, and that the media is going to be against him on this but that he’ll always be there for his fans. #AWWW

From the sidelines and from the media portrayal, it seems as though the Biebs could be acting well outside of his management team here given that the last time he said he was retiring, his team officially corrected him after by saying he was joking.

It is Christmas Eve and all, but it’s also the day before the big release of Justin Bieber: Believe which is in theaters tomorrow. Could this just be a big publicity stunt to get people in the theaters tomorrow? Sure.

But it could also be true and Twitter is likely on the verge of exploding, so we figure it’s at least somewhat true. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Justin Bieber's Believe - Theatrical Trailer

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