Lefsetz on Phish @ Telluride

Tellurde [Lefsetz Letter]

And from the time we turned off at Placerville, you could feel the Phish vibe. The liquor store in Sawpit had a banner imploring Phishheads to stock up. And then, at the edge of town, we saw the tents. The first gig isn’t for another day, but people are already here. Hell, it’s the buzz in Colorado, our waiter in Vail told us he heard they were going to shut down the highway.

We made a right up to Mountain Village before we got into town. After unpacking, we’re gonna take the gondola down and explore. The shows are in town. But automobile access is limited.

I love going to new places. And although there’s infrastructure here, and even Oprah bought a place, you truly feel like you’re on the edge of the earth… Hell, isn’t that what it’s like being a fan of a band? It’s about you and the music. You and like-minded listeners. No one’s coming to Telluride on a casual basis, no one’s passing through and buying a ticket to see Phish on a whim. This is the hard core.

Can’t wait for the adventure.

Our good buddy @Phortin is up in the mountains and hopes to drop some tweets as the shows start tonight. I’ll be hoping for a stream and following along on Twitter with the setlist, also. It was great to completely drop that at the Greek the second I realized that AT&T’s service was basically nonexistent for me, but I’ll be picking it up again tonight from the sidelines. Make sure you follow @LiveMusicBlog unless you do already.