Here’s The John Mayer/Slayer Lot T-Shirt That Bob Weir Wore On Stage at Shoreline

So last night at the Dead & Company show at Shoreline, some brilliant entrepreneur (probably driving a Tesla) came up with the lot t-shirt design of the century and finally shared it with the Grateful Dead fans.

Let’s set the stage for it briefly…

:::pauses for dramatic effect:::

it’s the Slayer logo … that shows John Mayer’s face… and it says Mayer in the Slayer logo / font. It’s… perfect. 😂

Brilliance, elegance, opulence… everything fantastic you could think up in your head about how wonderful that design could be doesn’t even come close to the actual feeling you have when you first see it.

Get a look at that beauty. And we first caught wind of this from just that screengrab above, but it turns out Monet Weir backed it up on her Instagram story and made it clear that Bobby got it on as part of his “let’s wear this for the encore” backstage decisions.

And clearly he wanted to show off those guns, amirite? Bob Weir and Woof Bros. Bobby and the Crossfitters. Dude is low-key shredded now.

Ultimately it turns out the shirt has been around a while, but this is definitely the first time Bobby put on a tank-top version and decided to show off his guns to the audience.

If someone was smart, they’d have an extra run on XL’s planned for their summer tour.